Height Conversion

1- Height Converter

Convert height in centimeters instantly. Conversion of height to inches is too easy now. It is the fastest tool that offers Height Conversion in cm from feet & inches and at the same time Height Conversion to inches and feet.


2- Height Conversion Tool

This tool provides Quick Height Conversion into cm, meters, feet, inches and yards.


3- Height Conversion Chart

Centimeter Height Chart

120 to 145 cm Height Chart

CentimetersMetersInchesFeet, inches
120 cm1.2 m47.24 in3 feet, 11.2 in
121 cm1.21 m47.64 in3 feet, 11.6 in
122 cm1.22 m48.03 in4 feet, 0 in
123 cm1.23 m48.43 in4 feet, 0.4 in
124 cm1.24 m48.82 in4 feet, 0.8 in
125 cm1.25 m49.21 in4 feet, 1.2 in
126 cm1.26 m49.61 in4 feet, 1.6 in
127 cm1.27 m50 in4 feet, 2 in
128 cm1.28 m50.39 in4 feet, 2.4 in
129 cm1.29 m50.79 in4 feet, 2.8 in
130 cm1.3 m51.18 in4 feet, 3.2 in
131 cm1.31 m51.57 in4 feet, 3.6 in
132 cm1.32 m51.97 in4 feet, 4 in
133 cm1.33 m52.36 in4 feet, 4.4 in
134 cm1.34 m52.76 in4 feet, 4.8 in
135 cm1.35 m53.15 in4 feet, 5.1 in
136 cm1.36 m53.54 in4 feet, 5.5 in
137 cm1.37 m53.94 in4 feet, 5.9 in
138 cm1.38 m54.33 in4 feet, 6.3 in
139 cm1.39 m54.72 in4 feet, 6.7 in
140 cm1.4 m55.12 in4 feet, 7.1 in
141 cm1.41 m55.51 in4 feet, 7.5 in
142 cm1.42 m55.91 in4 feet, 7.9 in
143 cm1.43 m56.3 in4 feet, 8.3 in
144 cm1.44 m56.69 in4 feet, 8.7 in
145 cm1.45 m57.09 in4 feet, 9.1 in

146 to 170 cm Height Chart

CentimetersMetersInchesFeet, inches
146 cm1.46 m57.48 in4 feet, 9.5 in
147 cm1.47 m57.87 in4 feet, 9.9 in
148 cm1.48 m58.27 in4 feet, 10.3 in
149 cm1.49 m58.66 in4 feet, 10.7 in
150 cm1.5 m59.06 in4 feet, 11.1 in
151 cm1.51 m59.45 in4 feet, 11.4 in
152 cm1.52 m59.84 in4 feet, 11.8 in
153 cm1.53 m60.24 in5 feet, 0.2 in
154 cm1.54 m60.63 in5 feet, 0.6 in
155 cm1.55 m61.02 in5 feet, 1 in
156 cm1.56 m61.42 in5 feet, 1.4 in
157 cm1.57 m61.81 in5 feet, 1.8 in
158 cm1.58 m62.2 in5 feet, 2.2 in
159 cm1.59 m62.6 in5 feet, 2.6 in
160 cm1.6 m62.99 in5 feet, 3 in
161 cm1.61 m63.39 in5 feet, 3.4 in
162 cm1.62 m63.78 in5 feet, 3.8 in
163 cm1.63 m64.17 in5 feet, 4.2 in
164 cm1.64 m64.57 in5 feet, 4.6 in
165 cm1.65 m64.96 in5 feet, 5 in
166 cm1.66 m65.35 in5 feet, 5.4 in
167 cm1.67 m65.75 in5 feet, 5.7 in
168 cm1.68 m66.14 in5 feet, 6.1 in
169 cm1.69 m66.54 in5 feet, 6.5 in
170 cm1.7 m66.93 in5 feet, 6.9 in

171 to 195 cm Height Chart

CentimetersMetersInchesFeet, inches
171 cm1.71 m67.32 in5 feet, 7.3 in
172 cm1.72 m67.72 in5 feet, 7.7 in
173 cm1.73 m68.11 in5 feet, 8.1 in
174 cm1.74 m68.5 in5 feet, 8.5 in
175 cm1.75 m68.9 in5 feet, 8.9 in
176 cm1.76 m69.29 in5 feet, 9.3 in
177 cm1.77 m69.69 in5 feet, 9.7 in
178 cm1.78 m70.08 in5 feet, 10.1 in
179 cm1.79 m70.47 in5 feet, 10.5 in
180 cm1.8 m70.87 in5 feet, 10.9 in
181 cm1.81 m71.26 in5 feet, 11.3 in
182 cm1.82 m71.65 in5 feet, 11.7 in
183 cm1.83 m72.05 in6 feet, 0 in
184 cm1.84 m72.44 in6 feet, 0.4 in
185 cm1.85 m72.83 in6 feet, 0.8 in
186 cm1.86 m73.23 in6 feet, 1.2 in
187 cm1.87 m73.62 in6 feet, 1.6 in
188 cm1.88 m74.02 in6 feet, 2 in
189 cm1.89 m74.41 in6 feet, 2.4 in
190 cm1.9 m74.8 in6 feet, 2.8 in
191 cm1.91 m75.2 in6 feet, 3.2 in
192 cm1.92 m75.59 in6 feet, 3.6 in
193 cm1.93 m75.98 in6 feet, 4 in
194 cm1.94 m76.38 in6 feet, 4.4 in
195 cm1.95 m76.77 in6 feet, 4.8 in

196 to 220 cm Height Chart

CentimetersMetersInchesFeet, inches
196 cm1.96 m77.17 in6 feet, 5.2 in
197 cm1.97 m77.56 in6 feet, 5.6 in
198 cm1.98 m77.95 in6 feet, 6 in
199 cm1.99 m78.35 in6 feet, 6.3 in
200 cm2 m78.74 in6 feet, 6.7 in
201 cm2.01 m79.13 in6 feet, 7.1 in
202 cm2.02 m79.53 in6 feet, 7.5 in
203 cm2.03 m79.92 in6 feet, 7.9 in
204 cm2.04 m80.31 in6 feet, 8.3 in
205 cm2.05 m80.71 in6 feet, 8.7 in
206 cm2.06 m81.1 in6 feet, 9.1 in
207 cm2.07 m81.5 in6 feet, 9.5 in
208 cm2.08 m81.89 in6 feet, 9.9 in
209 cm2.09 m82.28 in6 feet, 10.3 in
210 cm2.1 m82.68 in6 feet, 10.7 in
211 cm2.11 m83.07 in6 feet, 11.1 in
212 cm2.12 m83.46 in6 feet, 11.5 in
213 cm2.13 m83.86 in6 feet, 11.9 in
214 cm2.14 m84.25 in7 feet, 0.3 in
215 cm2.15 m84.65 in7 feet, 0.6 in
216 cm2.16 m85.04 in7 feet, 1 in
217 cm2.17 m85.43 in7 feet, 1.4 in
218 cm2.18 m85.83 in7 feet, 1.8 in
219 cm2.19 m86.22 in7 feet, 2.2 in
220 cm2.2 m86.61 in7 feet, 2.6 in

1- The Ultimate Height Converter

In the world of measurements, precision matters. Introducing our groundbreaking Height Converter tool, your go-to solution for seamless and instant height conversions between feet, inches, and centimeters. Whether you’re planning your home decor or need accurate height specifications, this tool simplifies the process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Introduction to Height Converter

Have you ever found yourself struggling with height conversions? Say goodbye to the confusion with our Height Converter tool. Understanding the importance of precise measurements, we’ve designed a tool that effortlessly converts heights between different units. Discover the simplicity of turning feet and inches into centimeters or vice versa, all in an instant.

How It Works

Using the Height Converter is as easy as 1-2-3. Enter your height in feet and inches or centimeters, and let the tool work its magic. With a user-friendly interface, this cm height conversion tool caters to your conversion needs without any hassle. Whether you’re an interior designer working on room dimensions or an individual curious about your height in different units, our tool provides quick and accurate results.

Applications in Daily Life

Home Planning: Visualize furniture and decor dimensions by converting measurements effortlessly.

Fashion Industry: Perfect for tailors and fashion enthusiasts, ensuring accurate size conversions.

Education: Ideal for students learning about different measurement systems.

Tips for Optimal Use

Input Accuracy: Double-check your input to guarantee accurate conversion results.

Understanding Units: Familiarize yourself with the different units to ensure the right conversion.

Versatility: Utilize the tool for various scenarios, from health tracking to travel planning.

Conclusion: Conversion Height cm to feet

In a world where measurements matter, our Height Converter tool stands as your reliable companion. Simplify your height conversions, save time, and ensure precision in every calculation. Experience the ease of mastering heights with our intuitive and efficient Height Converter tool.

2- Height Conversion Tool

Unlock the simplicity of height conversions with our cutting-edge Height Conversion Tool. Seamlessly switch between feet, inches, centimeters, meters, and yards with a single click. This versatile tool is designed to cater to all your measurement needs, providing instant and accurate conversions. Say goodbye to complex calculations and embrace the efficiency of our Height Conversion Tool.


In a world where precision matters, our Height Conversion Tool emerges as the go-to solution for effortlessly converting heights across various units. Whether you’re planning home renovations, fashion projects, or need precise measurements for any DIY endeavor, this tool simplifies the process, saving you time and effort.

How Height Conversion Works

Our tool boasts a user-friendly interface. Just input the height value in any of the tabs—feet, inches, centimeters, meters, or yards—and witness the magic unfold. In an instant, you’ll receive accurate conversions for the remaining units, providing a comprehensive overview of the height in different metrics.

Why Choose Our Height Conversion Tool?

Instant Results: No more manual calculations. Get instant and accurate height conversions within seconds.

Multi-Unit Support: Whether you work with imperial or metric units, our tool accommodates both, offering unparalleled flexibility.

User-Friendly Interface: With a clear and intuitive design, our Height Conversion Tool is accessible to users of all backgrounds and expertise levels.

Comprehensive Measurements: Covering feet, inches, centimeters, meters, and yards in a single tool, it’s your one-stop-shop for height conversions.

How to Use

Input Height: Simply enter the height value in any tab that corresponds to the unit you know.

View Conversions: Watch as the tool instantaneously provides accurate height conversions in the remaining units.

Effortless Planning: Whether it’s for a DIY project, home improvement, or any other venture, use our Height Conversion Tool for hassle-free planning.

Final Words

Experience the convenience of our tool and elevate your measurement precision. Empower your projects with accurate height conversions, ensuring seamless transitions between different units. From home projects to professional endeavors, our tool is your reliable companion for mastering dimensions.

3- Height Conversion Chart: Simplifying the Metric Maze

In the dynamic realm of height conversions, The Height Comparison (THC) introduces its latest tool – the Height Conversion Chart. You can say it Centimeter Height Chart as well. This comprehensive chart bridges the gap between centimeters, meters, inches, and feet, offering users a seamless and accurate way to understand height measurements.

Understanding the Height Chart

The Centimeter Height Chart is a visual masterpiece featuring four columns – Centimeters, Meters, Inches, and Feet. It spans from 120cm to 220cm, ensuring a broad range of height measurements for diverse user needs.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating the Height Conversion Chart is a breeze. Users can simply click on any centimeter value, for instance, 120cm, to reveal its equivalent measurements in feet and inches. The result is displayed in a clear and concise format, providing both the rounded and precise values.

Simple Height Conversion

It shows results in 3 forms with simple height chart: 1- in Feet and inches, 2- in Feet and 3- in Inches.

In-Depth Conversions

The Height Conversion Chart doesn’t stop at a single value; it extends its functionality to neighboring centimeter measurements. The table offers a detailed breakdown of centimeters, meters, inches, and feet, ensuring users have a wealth of conversion information at their fingertips.

Educational Value

Whether you’re a student learning about metric conversions or an individual interested in understanding height in different units, the Height Conversion Chart is an educational tool that simplifies the complexities of the metric system.


THC’s Height Conversion Chart is a versatile and user-friendly tool that empowers users to effortlessly navigate the intricacies of height conversions. From rounded values to precise measurements, this chart is a valuable addition to THC’s suite of height-related tools, catering to the diverse needs of users seeking clarity in the metric maze. Explore the CentimeterHeight Chart today and unravel the world of height measurements with ease!

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